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since there is sadness, we can feel joy

when there is anger, compassion is born

Cynthia // Shirona └ シロナ┐
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❖ I won't let it end yet!

name;; Cynthia // Shirona {シロナ}
canon;; Pokémon Platinum
age;; around her early twenties
player;; Ruby | lady_kikyou | AIM: dyed in indigo


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aaron, arceus, archaeology, azelf, being a badass, being a pushy thing, being a slob, being a sparkly moeblob, being all for deredere, being awesome, being indecisive forever, being kickass, being moedere, being reckless, being the motherfuckin' champion, bertha, blinding you with sparkles, braviary, canalave is shiny, canalave library, caring for everyone ever, celestic ruins, celestic town, dazzling you, dialga, distortion world, elite four, emotions, emotions are important gdit, excitement1!!, exploring, flint, folklore, garchomp, gastrodon, giratina, happy happy joy joy, having a sunny disposition, having fun, having no tsuntsun side, ice cream, legends, loving everyone ever, loving you, lucario, lucian, mesprit, milotic, mind = happy place, my pokemon are awesome, myths, optimism, palkia, playing the piano, pokemon, roserade, ruins, saving sinnoh, saving the world, shibirudon, shiny things, sinjoh ruins, sinnoh, smiles, so happy it's creepy, sparkles, sparkling in your direction, spiritomb, the original one, togekiss, unicorns, unova, uxie, why no unicorns ;w;,